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Purity Mrabu is the first girl in Koins for Kenya to finish University. She returned home as a Biology and Chemistry Teacher. She is in need of a new computer. Her current computer is getting outdated. She needs a new one. Help us raise the money to get her a new computer.

Koins for Kenya

Having been invited to participate with Koins for Kenya and their 20 year history with building a bridge across the world to offer educational opportunities where there are none. We are taking our Oculus GO to Rural Africans who long for a chance to overcome the abject poverty that has held them hostage for generations. Since 2003 KFK has provided ways for caring Americans to actively engage with rural Kenyans to provide countless educational opportunities. No handouts. No imposed solutions. Education becomes the greatest weapon against hopelessness, the greatest genesis for change and growth. Join us in this exciting process.

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